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Skribblio - Trending games

Message par gmmelissayu » 06 Décembre 2021, 12:09

skribblio is a very simple guessing game, when it is your turn, you can choose 1 of 3 suggestions.
You have 80 seconds to draw your cue and let the rest of you guess about your drawing.
You can only draw a clue, not draw the answer when other people are drawing, or guess what they're drawing, be the fastest, most accurate, and the person with the highest score to win.
The multiplayer mode makes the game every round so special. You will not know each person's drawing style and it is difficult to predict their ideas. Each round is a fun and interesting surprise.

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Re: Skribblio - Trending games

Message par PierceWelsh » 07 Janvier 2022, 19:30

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Re: Skribblio - Trending games

Message par somyapandey12 » 15 Janvier 2022, 14:22

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