How to Watch SpaceX Launch NASA's New Black Hole Observatory

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How to Watch SpaceX Launch NASA's New Black Hole Observatory

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A Falcon 9 rocket will send a new observatory called IXPE into space to study some of the slot most mysterious forces in the universe.SpaceX will break its own record again for most commercial rocket launches late Wednesday when the Falcon 9 sends a new NASA spacecraft into orbit from Florida.

Elon Musk's spacesuit has completed 26 total launches in 2020, eclipsing that point last week with the 27th bombing launch of 2021, and now its latest mission is the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer payload. IXPE) of NASA, which will make 28 ships for the year.

IXPE is an orbiting observatory consisting of three space telescopes equipped with special detectors to measure the polarization of cosmic X-rays.One of the goals NASA has identified is "exploring the origins and destiny of our universe. including the nature of black holes,

IXPE is designed to monitor these fundamental forces. as well as other powerful and strange objects in deep space, such as galactic nuclei and active microquasars. Pulsar and pulsar magnetar wind nebula X-ray binary augmentation supernova debris and galactic center

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