Cosmic 'cold clouds' may have enveloped the Earth long ago.

Du 5 au 9 août 2013.
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Cosmic 'cold clouds' may have enveloped the Earth long ago.

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Controversial astronomers have co-authored a new research paper suggesting that our solar system may have passed through massive clouds of cold interstellar gas 2 million years ago, potentially altering the formation of our species.

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Meraph Ofer, professor of astronomy at Boston University lead this work with Abraham Loeb of Harvard University Loeb's theory, which he outlined in his book last year, is best known for pushing the idea that the 'Oumuamua' might be an alien probe.

It has been widely criticized by other astronomers Opher and Loeb have published a pre-printed paper explaining how our planet may withstand the periods when it is exposed to galactic cosmic rays, a form of damaging radiation that mainly comes from the explosion of galaxies.

Supernova twists Normally, the solar wind from our sun creates the heliosphere. These are protective bubbles around the solar system, especially the inner planets. This reduces exposure to such abominations from interstellar space.

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Re: Cosmic 'cold clouds' may have enveloped the Earth long a

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Re: Cosmic 'cold clouds' may have enveloped the Earth long a

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