Lucky rabbit survives 40-mile ride in car grille

Du 5 au 9 août 2013.
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Lucky rabbit survives 40-mile ride in car grille

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Lucky rabbit survives 40-mile ride in car grille


A rabbit that was struck by a car somehow survived a 40-mile ride trapped in the vehicle's grille.

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Mark Pearson said he was travelling at about 30mph (48km/h) when he heard a "dreaded thump" near the Bryncynan pub, near Nefyn, Gwynedd, on Tuesday.

The 46-year-old checked his rear-view mirror but when he saw nothing, carried on driving to work in Bangor.

To his shock, hours later a colleague told him he had a rabbit stuck in his bumper.

"[I was] thinking it would be half a rabbit," he said. "I was surprised to find this lucky fella had gone through the grille and got trapped in an enclosed compartment."

He said he had to "wrestle" with the rabbit to grab onto it from behind, but was able to free the animal without harming it.

"Apart from a bit of a dried nose bleed, it seemed uninjured," he said.

The rabbit was then released into a "wooded Shangri-la" near Parc Menai, Bangor.

Mr Pearson said he gave it "a bit of carrot as a sorry".

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