CNC features

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CNC features

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1. Non-uniform rational B-spline interpolation of curve surfaces This technique uses interpolation along the curve instead of using a series of short straight lines to fit the curve. The application of this technology is already quite common. The CAM software used by many mold industries provides an option to generate part programs in NURBS imputation format. At the same time, the powerful CNC also provides five-axis interpolation and related features. These properties improve the quality of surface finishing, improve the smoothness of motor operation, increase cutting speeds, and make part machining procedures smaller.
2. After the command unit is reduced by 1000 times, higher machining accuracy can be obtained, which can make the motor run more smoothly. The smooth operation of the motor allows some machine tools to run at higher accelerations without increasing the vibration of the bed.
3. Bell curve acceleration/deceleration is also known as S-curve acceleration/deceleration, or creep control. This method allows the machine to achieve better acceleration results than using the linear acceleration method. Compared to other acceleration methods, including straight line mode and exponential method, the bell curve method can obtain a smaller positioning error.
4. Measurement of the trajectory to be processed has been widely used, and the technology has many performance differences that distinguish it from the way it works in low-end control systems and high-end control systems. In general, CNC is the pre-processing of the program through the monitoring of the machining trajectory to ensure better acceleration/deceleration control.
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