What Are The General Requirements For Scientific Articles?

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What Are The General Requirements For Scientific Articles?

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What Are The General Requirements For Scientific Articles?


Where can a scientific article be published?


When you decide on the outline of the article and the leader, you need to decide for yourself in which edition and, most importantly, why you want to be published. If you are a student and want mainly to “get your hands on” before serious work, it is quite enough for the publication to be included in the SCI (Science Citation Index). You can also speak at a student scientific and practical conference or other similar event, after which collections of materials are published. To write such an article, a writer can be employed. The cost of publishing in them is low and generally amounts to 100-150 rubles per page.


There are also very free options). In addition, it is quite possible to contact the editorial board of your university, since the leading universities publish their own journals, called heralds. You should not immediately "knock" on eminent publications, since you still have little experience, and you may well get a negative review (and all publications are necessarily reviewed), and you will not have enough time to correct all the comments. In addition, you may be trite to be disappointed in your abilities, which in fact, most likely, are not so small.


If you already have some more or less serious experience in writing scientific papers behind you, then the SCI will not be enough for you. Here you already need to contact the publications reviewed by the Higher Attestation Commission. A list of them can be easily found on the Web.


General requirements for articles


The specific requirements for the design of an article differ somewhat from one publication to another. True, the basis for these requirements is still the same, so editors from us.paperhelpwriting.com/ can easily handle it. So, work should be done in the Word editor. The font that is most often used is Times New Roman 12- or 14-point size with one and a half spacing. Specifically, the requirements of the journal in which you want to place the article can be found on the website of this publication.


As for the content, here, I think, the basic requirements are clear to everyone. The main requirement is, of course, uniqueness and scientific novelty. Moreover, the higher the level, the higher the requirements for uniqueness. If you are a student, 70% uniqueness is quite enough. At a higher level, 80% uniqueness is required. You can check the uniqueness of the text both on the anti-plagiarism website and on the copywriting exchanges.


Scientifically, you must present your own inventions and discoveries on the essence of the research. In real world, it makes more sense to pay others to do it for you. The last question will be, rather, not scientific, but ethical and convenience of work. The fact is that there are certain dates for the publication of collections, by which the editorial board collects applications from candidates and checks their work.


Considering that it takes time to check one work, and there are a certain number of such applications in the editorial board, it should be borne in mind that its members may not have time to check your application, so you need to send the work as early as possible and, as they say, “fill the queue” ... In addition, if your work has been sent back for revision, you have time to fix it. Of course, we gave advice here, but it’s up to you to work, and in that we wish you good luck!

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