Effective design used in all of your marketing

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Effective design used in all of your marketing

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It is likely that your customers will also be seduced by this same concept. Especially if it's a goal that's lacking in your industry. 2. Define your brand image It may seem obvious, but without a strong identity, you'll struggle to attract consumers. If a potential customer comes across your brand and doesn't understand who you are and what service you offer, they will leave without making a purchase. It's the visual image of your brand that matters here, including your logo and the images you use. But consumers will also associate a more abstract identity with your brand. Illustration of a person thinking about strategic branding Artwork by OrangeCrush For example, you don't have to see the Chanel name to recognize the brand's logo. The same goes for Nike and its comma, will help your brand and products stand out from the competition.

This type of visual branding must be in perfect photo retouching service harmony with the type of brand you manage. The mountain iconography behind the Patagonia logo is a great example of a brand communicating what it does through its branding images. Branding also refers to the overall reputation of your brand. Do you want to be known as a luxury, inexpensive, exclusive, accessible, fun or serious brand? All of these decisions should be incorporated into your branding strategy to influence your audience's perception of your brand. 3. Develop your brand persona Your brand persona is what makes your customers feel alive. It will provide a human touch and help you build a community around your product that new members of your audience can relate to.


Illustration of three blue figures held aloft Artwork by OrangeCrush Peloton is an example of a brand that has developed an excellent brand persona despite strong competition. Peloton doesn't offer the cheapest exercise bikes on the market, but its high-end status and energizing, enthusiastic, and immersive brand personality, and the community that has formed around it, appeal to its target audience. and encourage others to join. Key to bringing your brand to life through effective strategic branding is identifying the type of persona that will reach your audience without coming across as fake or overly commercial. 4. Find your brand tone How you speak to your audience is as important as what you say to them. In strategic branding, your tone of voice dictates how you communicate with your audience and talk about your business and its offerings.

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